Monday, June 23, 2008


Well friends, today another "Pro Stearns" letter appeared in the Star "Blunder", titled "Stick With Stearns". ( Let me make this perfectly clear. There is NOTHING wrong with supporters sending letters.

No impropriety is implied here.

My problem is this: Mr. Shuman is one of maybe 6 to 10 people that is ALWAYS writing to the Star Banner in support of Cliff Stearns. Can't they find some other folks to write in their support ? Why is it ALWAYS "major contributors" or "staff members" who write in ?

Doesn't the common man or woman know how to write letters ? In the past 8 years, Mr. Shuman has given the Stearns campaign OVER 8 THOUSAND DOLLARS !! Do the math ! (source: FEC reports - Just enter the name and read the report)

Maybe the Stearns support isn't as broad based as we are lead to believe ?

So the next time you see a letter to the editor, read between the lines. Look up the name, and keep track of the letters. Or do what I did : RESEARCH. There is a fine public library in our town. USE IT !!

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george c shuman said...

hello all,

I am a yearly contributor to the Congressman Cliff Stearns campaign efforts, to assist in securing the safety of this great country, the good ole' USA. Congressman Stearns legislates from his heart, mind, and soul. When I first moved here to Ocala I went to the Stearns website to look over his accomplishments and liked what I saw. Mr. Stearns is for a fair tax system along with a complete sense of political and social reasoning. I am a Republican and very concious of the needs of this country, as is Congressman Stearns. Please visit the Stearns website and you will see a man for the people.
George C. Shuman